OAJ Document Database
The Nicholas J. Schepis Document Database was acquired by the OAJ from Nicholas J. Schepis in 2010. The database was originally built for attorneys to submit documents pertaining to Robinson v. Bates and Jaques v. Manton. These documents were collected in hopes of helping one another in our fight for justice. Since obtaining the database, OAJ has opened it to all documents that may be of use and interest to our members. Documents have been collected off the list serv and added in to the database to provide a wider range of material. OAJ strives to provide our members with valuable tools to help in their practices. We hope that this database proves to be of assistance to you when you need a little extra help.

Most Wanted Database
This database is a collection of 9 DME doctors. Learn more here.

Dog Bite Database
Created by OAJ members, this database is a collection of cases from around the state all pertaining to dog bite incidents. Whether a simple case or the most complex, this database serves as a sharing networking for OAJ members.

Expert Depositions
Depositions of experts, doctors, and corporate reps. All depositions contributed by plaintiff lawyers. Prices vary depending on source (Learn More). Contribute your depos and avoid fees (Learn More).

Expert Challenges
Expert Challenges includes cases and actual briefs relating to experts who have been challenged in "Gatekeeping" cases (Daubert, Kumho, Frye) based on the expert's methodology and qualifications.

Briefs, Pleadings, and Motions
Document Bank includes briefs, pleadings, forms, and other documents.

Fastcase Law Library
State & Federal case law provided by TrialSmith. Must have a subscription to access these files.

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