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  January 24, 2020

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Expert Testifies Gate That Killed Man at Dickies Arena Was Flawed
spacer image
An expert has testified that an electronic gate that crushed a man outside Dickies Arena in Fort Worth included a number of flaws. One of which, stated the expert, was that the gate was equipped with safety features that could have prevented the man's death but those features were defective or not properly used. The lawsuit was filed against Trail Drive Management Corp., which is the nonprofit organization that runs Dickies Arena for the city, by the victim's family. Also named as defendants are two contractors that built the arena.
Gordon Dickson, Ft. Worth Star Telegram 01/17/2020   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
Read Article: Ft. Worth Star Telegram    

Surgeon's Lawsuit Claims He Was Fired For Reporting Harm to Patients
spacer image
A former surgeon from Syracuse, New York, alleges he was fired from a Brooklyn hospital for reporting problems that led to patient deaths. His lawsuit says that he was ousted as chair of the surgery department after identifying issues that caused patient harm and deaths in the Brooklyn hospital's heart surgery and organ transplant programs. The lawsuit was filed in state Supreme Court.
James T. Mulder, The Syracuse Post-Standard 01/23/2020   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
Read Article: The Syracuse Post-Standard    

Amazon Truck Driver's Lawsuit Says He Was Forced to Drive Without Sleep
spacer image
A truck driver working for Amazon who was involved in a crash alleges sleep deprivation encouraged by his employer caused the accident. The driver has filed suit against Amazon and its contractor, AAA Freight Inc., for negligence and violations of federal drive-time laws. The case involves an incident on Halloween in which the plaintiff crashed his tractor-trailer into a concrete barrier. According to the complaint, the plaintiff was sleep-deprived because his employer forced him to drive for long hours without a break, in violation of federal law. The lawsuit alleges pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of earnings and medical care and is seeking more than $75,000 in damages.
Hayley Fowler, Tacoma News-Tribune 01/22/2020   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
Read Article: Tacoma News-Tribune    


Tesla Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Sudden Acceleration
spacer image
Tesla is facing a lawsuit alleging its vehicles have engaged in unintended acceleration that can cause damage or injury. The lawsuit was announced on Wednesday by a California law firm specializing in defective products. Named as plaintiffs are eight Tesla owners who say their various Tesla vehicles have experienced sudden uncommanded acceleration (SUA).
Audrey Conklin, Yahoo News 01/23/2020   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
Read Article: Yahoo News    

Report Shows 400,000 Dangerous Airbags Remain Unrepaired in Ohio
spacer image
A new report shows that at least 400,000 defective and dangerous airbags remain unrepaired in Ohio. The recalled airbags have the potential to blast sharp metal fragments at drivers and passengers upon deployment, resulting in serious injury or death, even in a minor crash. Cars that may contain the affected airbags are certain models of 2001-2003 Hondas and Acuras, as well as certain 2006 Ford Ranger trucks and Mazda B-Series trucks.
Staff Report, PR Newswire 01/23/2020   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
Read Article: PR Newswire    

Wrongful Death

Horry County Wants Transport Van Drowning Case Dismissed
spacer image
Horry County, South Carolina, is seeking the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by the family of a woman who drowned in a transport van. The lawsuit was filed against Horry County, the Sheriff’s Office, the sheriff and several deputies for their alleged role in the woman's drowning. She and another woman who were mental health patients drowned after the sheriff's office transport van was swept off the road by floodwaters. The deputies in the van are accused of saving themselves and allowing the two women in a cage in the back of the van to drown. The county has asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit, stating other entities are responsible for the deaths.
Alex Lang, The Myrtle Beach Sun News 01/22/2020   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
Read Article: The Myrtle Beach Sun News    




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