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BWC budget bill remains in House committee
The House Insurance Committee is preparing more changes for HB 27, the BWC biennial budget bill. The bill already contains several positive amendments that OAJ proposed and one negative one that slashes the statute of limitations for physical injuries from two years to one.  OAJ testified against the SOL cut and for an amendment to provide coverage for police and fire fighters diagnosed with PTSD.  The House committee will soon pass HB 27.   

Click here to download testimony by Katherine Ivan in support of PTSD amendment

Click here to download testimony by John Van Doorn opposing one-year SOL

Firefighters with cancer get help
A new law that makes it easier for firefighters diagnosed with cancer to qualify for workers’ compensation coverage becomes effective on April 6.  The law establishes a presumption that the firefighter incurred cancer while working.  The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is drafting rules to implement the new law.  

Click here to link to SB 27 – 131rst GA

Scorecard for hearing officers 
A House committee is considering an amendment to HB 28, the Industrial Commission budget bill, that would require the Commission to maintain a scorecard on hearing officers’ decisions.  The scorecard would categorize hearing officer’s decisions as pro-injured worker or pro-employer.  OAJ is lobbying vigorously for its defeat.  The bill is pending in the House Finance Committee.

Click here to link to HB 28 

OAJ supports restrictions on cognovit notes
Cognovit notes are unfair to small business and are offensive to our core values as Americans, OAJ wrote a House committee and urged the passage of legislation restricting their use.  The bill is pending in the House Financial Institutions, Housing & Urban Development Committee.

Click here to download OAJ’s letter 

Click here to link to HB 67

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Call or email NOW to stop bill gutting Ohio’s anti-discrimination law 
Please take two minutes to call members of the House Economic Development, Commerce & Labor Committee from your area and urge them to vote NO on HB 2.  Even if you have to leave a message, your call matters.   OAJ opposes the bill along with the Ohio Employment Lawyers Association. 

Click here to link to a roster of the House Economic Development, Commerce & Labor Committee

Click here to download the Opposition Coalition Memo on HB 2 

OAJ testifies against medical negligence tort reform
Leaders of OAJ’s Patient Advocacy Task Force testified last week before the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee to express OAJ’s opposition to major portions of HB 7, the latest legislation restricting medical negligence claims.  The bill remains pending in the House committee.

Click here to download testimony by Michael Shroge on expansion of the apology statute to make error-fault statements inadmissible

Click here to download testimony by Gerry Leeseberg on joinder of defendants

Click here to download testimony by Sarah Tankersley on abrogation of loss of chance

Click here to download testimony by Rick Topper on reasonableness of medical charges

Click here to link to HB 7

Amendments added to BWC budget bill
The House Insurance Committee amended several positive changes and one negative change to HB 27, the BWC biennial budget bill.  OAJ supports the positive changes but opposes a business-backed proposal to cut the statute of limitations in half from two years to one.  OAJ will work to remove the SOL reduction before the bill emerges from the House committee. 

Click here to download Sub HB 27 that includes the changes 

BWC announces another premium rebate to employers
Calling this round of rebates the “Third Billion Back,” Governor Kasich and the Bureau leadership announced it will soon refund $1.1 billion in premiums to Ohio’s private and public employers.  Combined with nearly 30% in rate reductions and more than $3 billion in previous rebates and credits, this rebate brings the total to $6.3 billion returned to employers in the last six years.  

Click here to link to link to the BWC press release

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Upcoming Webinar: Using Focus Groups, Voir Dire, and Medicare Data to Maximize Compensatory and Punitive Damages in Nursing Home Trials
On March 21st, OAJ members Michael Hill and William Eadie will be presenting a webinar on how to use a nursing home’s own data submitted to Medicare to prove the systemic understaffing case. They will also provide critical information on the role of focus groups and voir dire in maximizing recovery in nursing home—and other—cases. This webinar is $65 for OAJ members and is worth 1.5 CLE credit hours. Click here for more information and to register.