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Proportionality-in-discovery civil rule amendment
Yesterday was the deadline to submit comments to the Supreme Court on the proposed amendment to Civ R 26 that would adopt proportionality-in-discovery similar to federal rules.  OAJ sent comments urging the Court not to advance the proposal as did many OAJ members.  Now the Court must decide, after reviewing comments, whether to adopt the proportionality amendment.  OAJ hopes the comments submitted by OAJ and its members will cause the Court to rethink the amendment.

Click here to download OAJ’s comment letter

Long-arm statute
OAJ-supported legislation extending Ohio’s long-arm personal jurisdiction statute has cleared a House committee and awaits a House vote.  The bill would ensure outsiders who harm Ohio families or businesses will be held accountable in Ohio courts.  Once approved by the House, the bill will proceed to the Senate for hearings.

Click here to link to HB 272

Campground immunity
OAJ is working to tighten the civil immunity proposed for campgrounds in legislation pending in the House Civil Justice Committee.  The bill is very similar to a 2015 law providing qualified immunity for agritourism activities, a bill that OAJ significantly amended.

Click here to link to HB 355


Attorney tax deduction restored
The Ohio Legislature restored the Business Income Deduction, thereby invalidating the unfair tax treatment of attorneys that was included in the biennial state budget legislation enacted in July.  OAJ thanks legislative leaders for correcting this ill-considered tax scheme.  Governor DeWine is likely to sign the bill.    

Click here to link to SB 26

Soliciting crash victims
A federal judge declined to stay a new law that prohibits chiropractors, or any person who is paid to solicit employment for another, from contacting a car crash victim by telephone or electronic means for 30 days after the crash.  Communication by US mail is permitted during this period. The new law took effect on October 17.

Click here to link to story in Judge refuses to block Ohio law regulating when chiropractors can reach out to people in car crashes

Click here to link to HB 166, the state biennial budget bill.  The 30-day ban on solicitation begins on page 340. 

Firefighter cancer
Karen Turano testified for OAJ and the Ohio Association for Professional Firefighters in support of legislation that would transfer an employer’s cost for treating a firefighter’s cancer to the surplus fund at the Bureau of Workers’ Comp, rather than being charged to a municipality’s premiums.  The bill is intended to give cities an incentive to stop contesting firefighters’ cancer claims.  The bill is pending in the House Insurance Committee.

Click here to download Karen Turano’s testimony

Click here to link to HB 330

A bill intended to help news organizations and public interest groups that dare criticize deep-pocketed individuals and corporations has been introduced.  The bill would help critics by establishing a new legal process to protect them from being silenced by retaliatory litigation.  OAJ has a number of concerns with the legislation, which awaits referral to a Senate committee.   

Click here to link to SB 215

Click here to link to a story: Ohio bill aims to protect critics from being silenced by lawsuits

Amendments proposed to waiver of service and competency rules
OAJ submitted comments to the Supreme Court expressing concerns with proposed amendments to the Waiver of Service rule and the General Rules of Competency.  The deadline to submit comments on these amendments is November 6.  Send comments to Jess Mosser at the Supreme Court of Ohio at:

Click here to link to the Amendments to the Ohio Rules of Practice and Procedure

Click here to download OAJ comment letter on Proposed Changes to Waiver of Service and Competency Rules

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