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Workers’ comp legislation heats up       
Immediate past WC Section chair Chelsea Fulton Rubin testified before the House Insurance Committee on the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) budget bill.  The committee reported the bill, sending it to the House Finance Committee where hearings and amendments are expected next week.  The BWC budget bill and the IC budget bill must soon pass the House and then have to be approved by the Senate before the end of June.

Click here to link to HB 80 – BWC budget bill

Click here to download testimony by Chelsea Fulton Rubin

Another billion dollar refund for employers
The BWC announced plans to refund $1.5 Billion to employers, which represents a refund of 88% of all employer premiums paid last year.  In addition, the BWC announced in January it will reduce employer premiums by 20%, the largest premium reduction in 60 years.  Since 2011, the BWC has saved employers nearly $10 billion through refunds, rebates and rate reductions.

Click here to link to BWC press release: Governor DeWine, BWC Propose $1.5 Billion for Ohio Employers

Raise SOL for civil suits involving sexual assault
Commenting on a report about an ex-OSU athletic doctor who sexually assaulted students in the 80s and 90s, Governor DeWine expressed support to extend the statute of limitations for sex crimes and said he wants the legislature to take a “hard look” at extending the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits.

Click here to link to story: Gov. Mike DeWine: End statute of limitations for rape in wake of Ohio State sex abuse report

Legislation targets OSU for past sex assault allegations
A narrowly crafted bill that would enable victims to sue OSU if the person was abused by university doctor has been introduced in the Ohio House and referred to the House Civil Justice Committee.   OAJ supports the legislation, but would like to see the extension of the statute of limitations in civil actions apply to all sexual assault victims.

Click here to link to HB 249

Commercial credit reporting
OAJ member Jack Landskronner and a Dublin businesswoman testified in support of legislation that extends to small businesses the same legal protections that consumers enjoy under federal law – the right to see their report and to question inaccurate information.  OAJ supports the legislation, which is pending in the House Financial Institutions Committee.

Click here to link to HB 38

Happening Today: Liability in Shared Ride Cases Webinar
Get an overview of handling cases against rideshare and how they differ from standard auto cases including: navigating varying insurance coverages, arbitrability of claims, important discovery to request and ways to hold the companies vicariously liable when there is inadequate insurance. 
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Medicaid final lien issue, continued
Newly installed OAJ President Ellen McCarthy testified before a Senate subcommittee to ask lawmakers to compel the Department of Medicaid to promptly send final lien letters.   Past President Sean Harris previously testified about this problem before a House subcommittee.  OAJ is determined to get faster responses to requests for final lien letters. 

Click here to link to President McCarthy’s testimony on Medicaid lien letters

BWC response to Kljun
In remarks made at the OAJ convention, BWC Administrator/CEO Stephanie McCloud says the Bureau is consulting with the Ohio Attorney General’s office on how to respond to the Kljun decision, a legal action initiated by OAJ.  In Kljun, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the case was improvidently accepted, thus allowing the decision of the 8th District Court of Appeals to stand. 

Click here to link to Kljun v. McCloud, Slip Opinion No. 2019-Ohio-1334