Bike Law 101: A Primer on Handling Bike Cases


Part I: History of Bicycling & Bike Law

Part II: Modern Bike Laws
- Summary of Ohio Bike Laws
- AFRAP, FTR & other Acronyms
- Establishing the Right of Way

Part III: Bike Crash Cases
- Crash Statistics - Steve’s Fatal Crash Project
- Common Motorist & Cyclist Errors
- Finding Evidence in Unique Places
- Bike Computers
- Bike Ride Apps
- Surveillance video
- Bike Cams
- Cell Phone Usage

Part IV: Unique Legal/Practical Issues In Bike Crash Cases
- Insurance Coverage under
- Maximizing the Property Damage Claim
- Defense of Counterclaims in Homeowner’s Policy
- Med Pay - The Nationwide Problem
- Check Local Listings [Especially “Safe Riding Regulations” ]
- What is “The Roadway” and Why Should You Care?
- Standard of Care: Road vs. Bike Lane vs. Sidewalk vs. Berm vs. Bike Trail
- Unique Experts
- Bicycle Value Expert
- Bicycle Riding experts
- Bicycle Accident Reconstruction

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