2011 Annual Convention


Join us for the 2011 OAJ Annual Convention!
Wednesday, May 11th:

-Opening Party at Fado's
Thursday May 12th:

-Plenary Session - "Introduction to Reptilian Trial Advocacy" - David Ball
-Labor & Employment:
-"Defense Lawyer's Perspective on Common Plaintiff Pitfalls" - Lee Hutton
-"Employment Law Overview, Recognizing the Cause of Action and Protecting the Statute of Limitations" - Cathleen Bolek
-"Wage & Hour: What Every Practitioner Should Know" - Bob DeRose
-"ADA and FMLA for the Personal Injury Lawyer" - Ed Forman
New Trends in Civil Litigation:
-"10 Ways for Your Client to Make Money on Medpay" - Todd Rosenberg
-"Alternative Dispute Resolution: You've Got Options" - Mark Willis
-"Confronting the Insurance Company; Discovery & Post Trial Tactics - John Reagan
-"Identifying a Pharmaceutical Claim" - Phillip Wright
-"Speeding up the Smaller Case" - Andy Cecil
-"Pillars of Persuasion" - Michael Koskoff
-"Navigating the Known Complication Defense and "Rules" for Letting Your "Reptile Steer the Boat" - Brian Wilson
-"Storytelling in Action: The Hero's Journey" - Carl Bettinger
-"How to Land on Your Feet when the Defense Pushes You Off the Cliff" - Elizabeth Faiella
Consumer Law:
-"Trying the Consumer Case from the PI Attorney's Perspective" - Mark Willis
-"The Art of Collecting a Judgment" - Arnold White
-"Bankruptcy Basics 2011" - Helen Wallace
-"An introduction to the FDCPA, a statutory 'tort'" - Mike Kinkley
Professionalism, Ethics, Substance Abuse:
-"Ethics Education for Lawyers" - Bill Mann
-"The Physiology of Alcoholism" - Brad Lander
-"Professionalism: Aspirational Ideals in Your Trial Practice" - Nathan Wills
Members' Only: Voir Dire:
-"The Importance of Cause Challenges" - Dennis Mulvihill
-"Voir Dire in Times That Are A-Changing One Size Does Not Fit All" - Lee Plakas
Friday May 13th:

Business Torts:
-" The Commercial Docket" - Judge Richard J. McMonagle & Judge John P. O'Donnell
-"The Difference Between Settling a PI Case and a Business Case from a Mediator's Perspective" - Jerome F. Weiss
-"Temporary Restraining Orders, Injunctions and Other Common Business Litigation Issues" - Gary Corroto & Phil Ciano
-"An Overview of Business Litigation and Why Should You Consider Expanding Your Practice to Include Business Torts" - Andy Goldwasser & Panel Discussion
Medical Malpractice:
-"Overcoming Jury Bias in Medical Malpractice Cases" - David Bossart
-"Cross-Examination for the Defendant Doctor- Scoring Points without Taking Hits" - Steve Okey
-"Chest Pain in the ER: Ruling Out Life Threatening Conditions" - Sarah Tankersley
Workers' Compensation:
-Welcome & Introduction - Frank Gallucci
-Multi-State Workers' Comp & Updates from WILG - Andy Reinhardt
-"Dealing with Medicare" - Phil Fulton
-"The Practical Application and Implication of the Loss of Use Doctrine in Ohio Death Claims - Successfully Pursuing a Moorehead Claim before the Industrial Comission." - Bob Robinson
-"Case Law Update: - Jonathan Goodman
- "A Look Into The Goals of The New BWC Administration" - Steve Buehrer, Director of the Ohio BWC
-"Settlement Changes" - Richard Blake, BWC
-"Rated Ages, MSA's & Structed Settlements" - Michael Goodman
-"SB5 Petition Training" - Tim Burga, Ohio AFL-CIO President
-"OAJ/BWC Update" - Frank Gallucci
-Panel Discussion - WC Regional Reps
Business Development:
-"Marketing with a Strategy: What to Communicate, To Whom and Why!" - Ed Lazarus -Principal, Winning Works
-"Marketing with a Strategy; How to Grow your Business" - Glenn Gutek -Atticus Senior Practice Advisory
Professionalism, Ethics, Substance Abuse:
-"Ethics Eduation for Lawyers" - Bill Mann
-"The Physiology of Alcoholism" - Brad Lander
-"Professionalism: Aspirational Ideals in Your Trial Practice" - Nathan Wills
Healthcare Lien Resolution:
-"Ultimate 2011 Update - Private Healthcare & ERISA Liens" - Mike Russell
-"Ultimate 2011 Update - Dealing with Medical Reimbursement Claims & Medicare Set Asides" - Tate Johnson
-"MSA Funding: The Three Step Process" - Charles Schell, Forge
-"Are you Committing Malpractice Doing Your Own Lien Resolutions" - Mark Kitrick
Iqbal / Twombly Presentation
- Iqbal/ Twombly deals with the necessity of pleading specific facts in any complaint. The presentation will cover how these decisions have affected litigation in the federal courts, what traps may now present themselves to both the plaintiff and defense bar, and what this means for public justice.
- Presentation by Matt Wessler followed by a panel discussion
Pricing Before 4/10/11 for 2-Day Convention Package:
Member Convention Package: $499
Non-Member Convention Package: $579
New Lawyer Convention Package: $299
Government Attorney, Law Student, or Paralegal Convention Package: $149
Full-Time Law Professor or Judge Convention Package: $105
Pricing Before 4/10/11 for 1-Day Registration (Thursday or Friday):
Member 1-Day Registration: $249
Non-Member 1-Day Registration: $299
New Lawyer 1-Day Registration: $179
Printed Materials - Registrant: $50
Printed Materials - Non Registrant: $150
PLEASE NOTE: All materials for this year's convention will be given on a DISC. Power strips for laptop use will be available in all seminar rooms and at all seminar tables. If you would like printed materials please be sure to opt for them as a part of your registration, there is an additional $50 fee for printed materials.


Hilton at Easton Town Center

The Hilton at Easton Town Center
3900 Chagrin Drive
Columbus, OH 43219


Group Rate: $173
-Please call the above number to make reservations and be sure to say you are with the OAJ.

Cancellation Policy

OAJ CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations by program participants received by 5:00 p.m. Thursday May 5, 2011 will be refunded less a $45 service fee. No refunds are given for cancellations received after Thursday May 5, 2011. Transfer of registration fee paid to another CLE event or colleague is not permitted. Upon request, course materials are available in consideration of tuition paid. The OAJ reserves the right to modify or cancel a program if circumstances warrant. If the OAJ cancels a program, full tuition will be refunded.