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The Women's Caucus is making a strong comeback to give the women of OAJ a network to connect with and a platform to work from. Groups are set up in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo already with quarterly lunches always in the works. Connect with your fellow ladies in OAJ today.

Section Chair Lori Luka | Lazzaro Luka Law Offices, LLC

Setting a Worthy Tone for Female Lawyers
By: Meghan Connolly, Esq.
As trial lawyers, we recognize the power of words and messaging to influence the subconscious mind. We recognize that the words we use to frame a case or issue have the power to transform how the jury processes information.

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Forward Progress for Women in the Practice of Law
By: Lori A. Luka, Esq.
I was very honored when I was approached by the leadership of the Ohio Association for Justice to head up this year’s Women’s Caucus.  This is really an exciting time for women to practice law!  At present, females represent almost half of graduating law school classes in the State of Ohio.

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Fashion Forward: Has Women’s Professional Attire Really Changed?
By: Ashley Rutherford Starling, Esq.
Fashion and law are two of my passions. I am passionate about serving my clients, and my clothing is often a form of self-expression. Over the years, I’ve written several articles on the dress code for attorneys. 

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Food for Thought: Do You Really Need to Take That Defense Expert Deposition?
By: Susan Petersen, Esq.
For me, it was always an automatic: I scheduled and deposed each and every expert witness identified by the defense. Over the years, I spent a lot of money and traveled to a lot of states doing so. In recent years, I became increasingly frustrated by the defense approach of identifying multiple experts within the same specialty to defend the same person/entity. While I was able to secure a few orders limiting cumulative experts prior to deposition, I typically found myself deposing all of them. Doing so, I realized I was funding and conducting the defense audition for which expert would make it to trial. The better my cross examination, the more likely the expert would disappear forever. 
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Girls can do Anything
By: Susan Petersen, Esq.
As the youngest of four girls, I never really gave it any thought. My mother always told me girls could do anything that boys could do . . . and better. She told me to keep that last part to myself so as not to make any boys feel bad. (Sorry for spilling the beans on our secret, Mom). 

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The Value of Membership
By: Eleana Drakatos, Esq. 
Last August, I began campaigning for the office of President-Elect of the Ohio State Bar Association. So far, I have traveled the entire State of Ohio at least once, and have been to 14 District Meetings1 , with two months left before the elections (May 1-7) and four more district meetings to go. I have...

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Are you Elle?, Are you Vivian? and Does it Matter?
By: Laura Mills, Esq.
The gentlemen in our trial lawyer field need to merely decide on the type, style and color of their tie for their courtroom appearance. This exhausts their decision-making process on attire during the weekend prior to trial. 

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The Magic of Finding a Unicorn
By: Maria Klutinoty Edwards, Esq.
It is no secret that women are outnumbered in the legal profession, and that is especially true in litigation. In my almost seven years of practice, I now notice it more when I am not the only woman in the room- because usually I am. Especially in business litigation. Opposing counsel are men. The clients are mainly men. The defendants? They tend to be men as well. 

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July Update - Women's Caucus
By: Sydney McLafferty, Esq.
The Women’s Caucus has kicked off the 2015-2016 year with a bang!  In conjunction with President Gallucci’s plan to involve OAJ in a variety of philanthropic efforts throughout the year, the Women’s Caucus has taken on the first fundraiser of the year. So far, just in the month of June, through contributions from OAJ’s board members, we have raised $2,000  for the Cleveland Kids in Need organization.

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Women's Caucus update
By: Sydney McLafferty
At the Winter Convention this past November, Women’s Caucus Chair Sydney McLafferty and Executive Committee Member, Ellen McCarthy were pleased to present a professionalism session entitled  Understanding The Legal, Neurological And Psychological Aspects Of Tolerance. Our speaker, Scott Warrick, is a consultant in the legal aspects of human resources.  With a juris doctorate of his own, Mr. Warrick brought highly specialized information with him to explain how and why lawyers can get it all wrong (or right!) in handling what should otherwise be easy relations between males and females in the workplace.  As Mr. Warrick said, if you wouldn’t want to read it on the front page of the newspaper – DON’T DO IT!

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The power of gender equity
By: Kim Hougherty and Sofia Bruera
Shared from AAJ

Unconscious gender stereotypes affect how women lawyers are perceived, which can translate into missed opportunities. Women and men have an equal interest in fostering change, and our clients will benefit from the effort. Gender inequality is a pervasive issue that affects the legal profession, the adequate and fair representation of our clients, and trial lawyers' ultimate success. Women and men must do their part, starting with recognizing and raising awareness of the issue.

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Women's Caucus
This year’s Women’s Caucus got off to a great start at the May convention where we heard from OAJ member and State Representative Connie Pillich (Cincinnati).  Connie’s inspiring discussion focused on how she has relied upon her experience as a trial lawyer to her work with fellow legislators, many of whom are not lawyers, as to the real world implications of the legislation they create. 
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