Each and every day Ohioans deal with the insurance system. Whether it be health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, or any other kind of insurance, the process can be difficult to deal with; especially when insurance companies fight against their policyholders. This section allows members to share information about taking on the insurance companies and protecting clients rights. Through the listserv, roundtable conversations, and CLE seminars, the section plans to have an active year with great information sharing and collaboration.

Negligent Security Claims and Insurance Coverage
By: Jordan D. Lebovitz, Esq.
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Lose your Bitcoin? Insurance has you covered.
By: Bobby Rutter, Esq.
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Finding Ambiguity in Policy’s Use of Bold Italics
By: Kathleen J. St. John, Esq.
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“The Mishawaka Redemption: Amending Civ.R. 30”
By: Tony Turley, Esq.
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Spending vs. Messaging
By: Peter Traska, Esq.
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Trying A Case With “ROBINSON” Numbers—Drilling Down on the Final Problem
By: Brian Wilson, Esq.
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The Bad Faith and Personal Counsel “Clubs” in Third-Party Cases
By: Todd Rosenberg, Esq.
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The Elusive “Robinson Number” in an Age of Balance Billing
By: Benjamin P. Pfouts, Esq.
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Ohio Insurance Law: A Throwback Perspective on the Past, Present, and Future
By: Bob Kerpsack, Esq.
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Identifying Means Tested Public Assistance Programs
By: Blaine P. Brockman, Esq.
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The Importance of Defending Plaintiffs
By: Sydney S. McLafferty, Esq.
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Where Are We With Pro Rata Subrogation Law and the Made Whole Doctrine in Ohio?
By: Bob Wagoner, Esq.
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Navigating through Ohio BWC Subrogation: A practical way to make sure your clients get their fair share when BWC pays their medical bills and wage loss
By: Richard Topper, Esq.
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Who picks up the tab in the Court of Claims anyway? It matters to you and your clients!
By: Craig Tuttle, Esq.
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Med Pay or Not Med Pay: That is the question
By: Brian Miller, Esq.
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Winning - At defeating nursing home arbitration agreements
By: Nancy Iler, Esq.
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Anyone know what to do? Sovereign immunity vs. health insurance reimbursement
By: Dennis Yacobozzi, Esq.
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Havel v. Villa St. Joseph: A Trial without a Roadmap
By: Hon. Frank G. Forchione
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UPDATED: The Duty Of Good Faith Of An Insurer To Advise The Insured Of A “Non Trivial Probability” Of An Excess Verdict Of The Policy Limits And An Insured’s Right To Independent Counsel.
By: Dimitrios Pousoulides, Esq.
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Is an Insurance Company Practicing Law When it Provides In-House Counsel to its Tortfeasor Insured?
By: William Eadie, Esq.
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