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Friday, April 17, 2015

Are human head transplants coming soon?
Shared from
It sounds like the plot for a science fiction movie.Someone has a horrific accident and winds up in the hospital, brain dead and on life support. Doctors approach the family about organ donation, but instead of saving as many as eight lives, the family is asked to donate the whole body to save just one individual. Perhaps a quadriplegic with a mind that outmatches their malfunctioning body. 
As crazy as this sounds, to put an entire head on a new body, a human body, Italian physician Dr. Sergio Canavero says we are approaching HEAVEN (an acronym for head anastomosis venture; anastomosis is surgically connecting two parts). The pieces are coming together but there are still many hurdles to jump. 

Canavero says he has part of the funding secured, although he says he can't yet disclose where the money is coming from as a condition of the funding. He's also taking the 2015 layman's approach with crowd funding and book sales.
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Ohio law changes influencing prescriber enrollment in Medicaid
Shared from National Law Review
Starting April 1, 2015, the Ohio Department of Medicaid will deny claims submitted for prescriptions unless the prescribing health care professional is actively enrolled with Ohio Medicaid. In response to changes in federal and state law, including the Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act of 2010, all prescribers who treat Medicaid patients must be enrolled as a billing provider, or alternatively, as an ordering, referring or prescribing (ORP) provider.

Medicaid billing providers may submit claims for services rendered to patients enrolled in Ohio’s Medicaid program.
ORP-only providers, however, have elected not to enroll as Medicaid billing provider but may order, refer or prescribe to patients enrolled in the program. Thereafter, the patient would seek reimbursement from Ohio Medicaid for the cost of the medication.

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The fight is just beginning
By Michael Shroge: April Quarterly
Over the course of my last several articles I have discussed with all OAJ members the need for engagement and involvement as it specifically relates to current and anticipated future legislation coming out of the Ohio State Legislature. The time has never been greater for that engagement and involvement.

At the time of the writing of this article OAJ has become aware of legislation that will be introduced that eradicates the current system of medical negligence law and replaces it with a system that has been labeled the Medical Negligence Compensation System.
Our members attending the most recent OAJ Lobby Day were surprised when Republican Representative Jim Butler announced that he would be proposing this new legislation within the next several weeks. At the time this article is published the legislation may already be introduced and you may already be privy to the specifics of this legislation. 

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