What is The OAJ PAC?

The OAJ PAC is a bipartisan political action committee established by The Ohio Association for Justice. The OAJ PAC is the only PAC in Ohio whose goal is to elect state legislators, statewide candidates, and Supreme Court Justices who support the civil justice system.

The OAJ PAC has been working on behalf of OAJ members for more than three decades. In doing so it has become one of the most effective and respected PACs in Ohio.

The OAJ PAC works on behalf of you and your clients to ensure that candidates who support the goals of OAJ have the resources and tools to be elected and re-elected. 


I already contribute to the candidate(s) of my choice. Why do I need the OAJ PAC?

Individual contributions to candidates are important, but they cannot compete with the contributions of big business, health care interest, or the insurance industry - all of which have their own PACs.

When we accumulate contributions from OAJ members through the OAJ PAC, we are able to make substantial contributions to strategically targeted races.  This way the OAJ PAC can have a greater impact on races important to trial lawyers and tort victims than any individual contribution.


Where does the money that I contribute go?

The OAJ PAC supports both Democratic and Republican candidates running for the Ohio legislature, for some statewide offices, and for Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.


Who decides which candidates receive The OAJ PAC support?

Contributions to candidates are approved by the OAJ Board of Trustees, which also serves as the OAJ PAC Board. Decisions about contributions to individual candidates are based upon their demonstrated support for the civil justice system. Criteria includes voting records, committee assignments, electability, and candidate interviews.


How may I contribute?

The OAJ PAC offers many convenient methods for your contribution:

Charge your contribution to your personal Visa, Mastercard, or American Express account. You may choose to be billed on a monthly or yearly basis.

Pledge a percentage of the net legal fee of your next case, or cases.

Request to be invoiced once, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly.   


What about corporate contributions?

Federal and state elections laws prohibit corporate contributions. According to the Ohio Election Commission:

(1) Legal Professional Associations (LPAs) are not considered corporations under the law for purposes of political contributions.

(2) LPA and Partnership contributions are permissible to The OAJ PAC


What happens when I decide to cancel my contributions?

Your OAJ PAC commitment is revocable at will. Please send a letter requesting your termination to the OAJ office.


Why join The OAJ PAC now?

Every year the safety of Ohio families is put in jeopardy as the medical, insurance, and business interests of this state unite to try to strip away the civil justice system. Every trial attorney in Ohio should join this courageous effort to protect the safety and well-being of Ohio’s citizens.

Consider how your clients and families would be negatively impacted if those who strive to put profit before safety are successful. Consider what would remain of our civil justice system if the OAJ PAC were not there to help defend the vital protections of our right to trial by jury. 

While many clients never fully know how their safety is put at risk each year, it is critical that you, as their Trial Lawyer, know what is at stake and do your part to protect and defend the safety of your clients.



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