Legislative Advocacy

Want to know what legislation is pending in the 130th session of the Ohio General Assembly (2013-2014) that impacts your practice?

Want to know what OAJ is doing on these bills?

To make your search easier, we have organized the legislation into areas of legal practice. Examples of some of the legislation under each pracitce area should help locate the bills of interest to you.

If you have comments/ questions about legislation or OAJ's legislative activities, please conact John Van Doorn by calling the OAJ office (614-341-6800) or emailing John at JVanDoorn@OAJustice.org
1) Business Torts (includes: corporate law and intellectual property)
2) Consumer Law (includes: changes to the Consumer Sales Practices Act, foreclosure issues, and consumer credit protections)
3) Courts (includes: judicial elections, coroners' fee for expert testimony, increase in judicial age limit, courthouse menacing, and court costs)
4) Employment Law (includes: protections from discrimination, prevailing wage, misclassified workers', and unpaid wages)
5) Family Law (includes: collaborative family law)
6) General Torts (includes: products liability, immunity from civil actions, class action distribution, testimonial privilege expansion, and offers of judgment)
7) Insurance Law (includes: auto liability minimum coverage, coverage exclusions, and subrogation)
8) Medical Negligence (includes: physician or hospital immunity) 
9) Workers' Compensation (includes: privitization and benefit reductions) 
10) All (includes all legislation mentioned in the above individual sections) 
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