Workers' Compensation Seminar Materials
December 2, 2011
Columbus, OH


 *Click on the links below to download the materials for the individual speakers. Speakers without links did not provide materials for this seminar.


OAJ and BWC Update  and New Workers' Compensation Reform
Frank Gallucci

Making the Most of OAJ Member Resources for Workers' Compensation Practitioners
Jason Porter

Voluntary Abandonment-Is It Still a Viable Defense for Employers?
Tom Schaffer

Mining for Wage & Hour Cases in a Workers' Compensation Practice
Bob DeRose

Understanding the Formula and Practical Tips for Subrogation
Ellen Wentzel

Social Security: Workers' Compensation Practical Tips
Rich Brian

BWC Settlement Update - What Changes Have Been Implemented
Jason Rafeld

Private Mediation: A New Alternative for Workers' Compensation Settlements
Dave Barnhart

World Renowned Case Law Update
Jon Goodman

Substance Abuse - Gambling, Alcoholism, Dependency, and Other Disorders
Doug Althauser

Ethics - Do the Rules Apply to Workers’ Compensation Claims
Greg Mitchell

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