Not Your Standard Auto Case: Expand Your Practice Areas by Spotting Cases in Day-to-Day Life




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Speaker Materials: Please click on the below links to access speaker materials.

Wage & Hour Cases: FLSA Changes and Employee vs. Independent Contractor Differences - Bob DeRose, Barkan Meizlish, Columbus, OH

They Too Walk Among Us: What Remains of Employer Intentional Torts - Sean Harris, Kitrick Lewis & Harris, Columbus, OH

Asbestos Litigation in Ohio - Kevin McDermott, McDermott & Hickey, Rocky River, OH

Premises. Liability? Or Asset? - David Bressman, Bressman Law Offices, Dublin, OH

Lead and Mold: Discovery, Recognition, and Remediation - Norman Stark, Attorney at Law, Cleveland, OH

Dog Bite Cases - Don Tennant, Tennant Law Offices, Wheeling, WV

Intentional Loss, Fraud, and Property Insurance Claims: Tips on Presenting and Resolving First-Party Property Insurance Claims Pre-Suit - Justin Rudin, Rutter & Russin, Cleveland, OH

Ohio's Crime Victim's Reparations Fund claims practice, including appeals - Mike Falleur, Attorney at Law, Columbus, OH

Liability of Railroads: Beyond the Grade Crossing Case - Larry Scanlon, Scanlon & Elliott, Akron, OH

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