Trial Tactics Seminar

March 24-26, 2014
Park City, UT


Materials for the Trial Tactics seminar are listed by Title of Presentation and Speaker. Please download and print off materials before attending the seminar. A Materials Flash Drive will be distributed at registration. Power strips will be available in the seminar room for iPad and laptop use. Wireless internet will also be available in the seminar room.


Monday, March 24
Effective Voir Dire - Chip Cooper, Esq., Columbus, OH
Rules, Reptiles and Birth Injury Cases - John Lancione, Esq., Cleveland, OH
Getting Prepared to File Pre-Suit Investigation - Don Slavik, Esq., Newport Beach, CA
Medicare Set Asides and Subrogation - John Cattie, Esq., Cincinnati, OH

Tuesday, March 25
Getting and Testing the Verdict in a Medical Negligence Case - David Shroyer, Esq., Columbus, OH
Ski Resort Liability - David Cutt, Esq., Salt Lake City, UT
The No Excuses Demand Policy - Don Moore, Esq., Cincinnati, OH

Wednesday, March 26
Wage & Hour Law - A Primer for Trial Lawyers - Bob DeRose, Esq., Columbus, OH
Professionalism in Depositions - Richard Topper, Esq., Columbus, OH

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