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Protecting Ohioans: An Immediate Call to Amend Ohio's Long-Arm Statute
By: Edmond J. Mack, Esq.
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General Assembly makes it easier for Consumers to cancel consumer transactions
By Daniel Myers, Esq.
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Leaving No Stone Unturned:  Finding Compensation In Surety Bonds For Consumers In Cases Against Insolvent Contractors
By Daniel J. Myers, Esq.
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Sun Tzu's Art of War, for Lawyers
By Troy Doucet, Esq.
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Is it CAFA or Kafka?! Effectively pleading multistate class-action cases after the Class Action Fairness Act
By Daniel Karon, Esq.
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Embracing the “Private Attorney General” role in Consumer Litigation 
By Nadine L. Ballard, Esq.
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Although Little Known, Forced Binding Arbitration is a Big Threat to Civil Liberty
By: Rocco Yeargin, Esq.
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Ford’s Flare for Fighting Fees
By: Todd Willis, Esq.
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