Navigating through Statutes, Insurance Policies, and Regulations

January 21, 2016 - Columbus and Online

 *Click on the links below to download the materials for the individual speakers. Speakers without links did not provide materials for this seminar.


Structuring Settlement Funds for Special Needs Clients - Senator Kevin Bacon, Esq., Columbus, OH

Insurance Coverage in Employment CasesJessica Olsheski, Esq., Columbus, OH

Insurance Coverage for Intentional and Unlawful ActsBen Wright, Esq., Columbus, OH

Navigating the Reality Distortion Field: How Insurance Companies Frame Issues and How We Should Respond - Sean Harris, Esq., Columbus, OH

Legislative Update on Insurance LawBob Wagoner, Esq., Columbus, OH

Behind the Scenes Act I: Insurer Claims Operations - Chris Johnson, Columbus, OH

Behind the Scenes Act II: Extra Contractual (Bad Faith) Claim Exposures - Britta Moss, Columbus, OH (materials included in Chris Johnson's link above).

Workers Compensation and Insurance: Administration of Claims, Excess Coverage, and Subrogation - Rich Brian, Esq., North Canton, OH & Chris Russell, Esq., Columbus, OH

ERISA Litigation Update: Subrogation and Other Hot Issues Before the US Supreme Court - Scott Stitt, Esq., Columbus, OH

Medical Insurance Compensation System (MICS): Is It Possible?Michael Shroge, Esq., Cleveland, OH

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