2018 Winter Convention - Thursday Materials

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Plenary Session

The 21st Century Law Firm
John Morgan Esq. Orlando, FL
Caps on Non-Economic Damages: When Caps Apply and How to Maximize Damages When They Do
Chip Cooper, Esq. Columbus, OH & Rex Elliott, Esq. Columbus, OH
Client Preparation: Intake, Deposition and Mediation
Marc Pera, Esq. Cincinnati, OH
Griffith v. Aultman: What Constitutes a Medical Record?
Megan J. Frantz Oldham, Esq. Canton, OH
Trending MDLs
Martin Crump, Esq. Gulfport, MS
Subrogation: Tips for dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, BWC and Private Health Insurers
Daniel Romaine, Esq. Cleveland, OH, Gerald Horning, Esq. Cleveland, OH, Amy Herman, Esq. Cleveland, OH, & Vincent Scebbi, Esq. Cleveland, OH
Identifying Standards for Claims Involving Recreational Sports Injuries
Corey Andres, M.Ed. Dublin, OH
Trial Success: Strategies, Lessons and Takeaways
Brian G. Miller, Esq. Worthington, OH
Ethics in the Everyday Practice
David Barnhart Esq. Columbus, OH
Industrial Commission Update
Jodie Taylor, Karen  Gillmor, Thomas Bainbridge, Industrial Commissioners of Ohio
How to be Successful in a .512 Appeal
Shawn Wollam, Esq. Columbus, OH & Fred Papalardo , Esq. Cleveland, OH
The Intent to Settle Process: Case Examples and Questions
Shaun Omen,  Esq. BWC Legal Counsel
Case Law Update
Jon Goodman,  Esq. Worthington, OH
Social Media and Ethics
Charles Kettlewell, Esq. Columbus, OH
Ethical Considerations when Speaking with Former and Current Corporate Employees
Jordan Lebovitz, Esq. Cleveland, OH
Litigation and Office Ethics
Gary Leppla, Esq. Dayton, OH
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