2018 Annual Convention - Thursday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Thursday May 3rd 

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.



Plenary Session

Bottom Up Preparation: Preparing to Win - Gregory Cusimano, Esq. 


New Trends in Civil Litigation    

Depositions are Trial: Effectively Using Exhibits, Testimony and Visual Aids - Sach Oliver, Esq., 

Practical Tips When Approaching A Settlement   - Michael Goodman, Esq. & Ann  Koerner, President, National Care Advisors

Approaches to Premises Liability Cases - Michael Neff, Esq., 

Jury Selection in the Age of Polarization - Sean Dominick, Esq., 

Litigating in the 21st- Century - Matthew Hass, CEO of Arkansas Trial Lawyer Association, Founder, The Focus Firm

Why Would Anyone Want to be a Plaintiff's Trial Lawyer? - Gary Paul, Esq., 

How to Talk to Conservatives  - Paul Byrd, Esq.


New Lawyers                                                                                                    

Tactics & Timing:  The Art of Negotiating Early - Jami Oliver, Esq.

Employing E-Discovery in Every Case: Understanding the Nuts and Bolts - Dustin   Herman, Esq.

The Trial Lawyer’s Most Effective Discovery Tool: 30(B)(5) Corporate Representative Depositions- Travis Mohler Esq.

Trial Strategies - Dennis Mulvihill, Esq.

Maximizing Recoveries in Personal Injury Cases and Streamlining Litigation - Matt Nakajima  Esq., 

Why, When, and How to Focus Group Effectively - Matthew Hass, CEO, Arkansas Trial Lawyer Association, Founder, The Focus Firm



iPads at Trial: High Tech, Low Cost - Tad Thomas, Esq. 

E-Discovery and Litigation Support - Brett Burney Esq.

How to Better Manage Your Workload and Time - Distraction, Time, Task & Email Management for Lawyers - Paul Unger, Esq.

How Trial Lawyers Can Use Social Media to Help Consumers and Expand Their Law Firm Brand From Local To Global - Mitch Jackson Esq., 


Employment Law                                                                                                            

Decisions, Decisions: Using Mental Models to Improve Your Law Practice - Daniel Petrov  Esq.

FLSA Case law Update - Bob DeRose, Esq.


Professional Conduct                                                                                                    

Social Media and Ethics - Charles Kettlewell, Esq.

Departing Attorneys:  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Diana Anelli , Esq.

SCANDAL! Defiance, Ohio Attorneys Clay Crates and Dan Michel Discuss Scandal Inside and Outside of the Courtroom, and How to Avoid It  - Daniel Michel, Esq. & Clay Crates, Esq.


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