2018 Annual Convention - Friday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Friday, May 4th. 

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.

Litigation at Sunrise

Reputation Management for Law Firms - Jordan Schuetzle, Esq.


Workers' Compensation

BWC Update - Sarah Morrison, Esq. BWC Administrator/CEO, 

Industrial Commission Update - Tim Bainbridge Esq., Chairperson Industrial Commission, Jodi Taylor, Esq., Employer Member, Karen  Gillmor, Ph.D., Public Member    

Amended R.C. 4123.512 and Settlements - Richard Blake, BWC Director of Employer Services Support and Settlements

SSDI and Workers’ Compensation Interplay - Carol Herdman Esq. 

Case Law Update - Jon Goodman, Esq.

Psychological Allowances in a Post-Armstrong World - Raymond Richetta, Ph.D., Clinical Director of Weinstein & Associates, Inc.

Trends in Workers’ Comp Policy and Their Effect on Your Clients and Your Practice - John Van Doorn, OAJ Director of Government Affairs

Barriers to Patient Care for Injured Workers - Joseph Mileti, M.D.


New Lawyers  

Ethics Essentials Materials 

Starting Your Practice from Scratch - Kurt Young, Esq.

Ethics Essentials – William Mann, Esq.

Social Media Use: Voir Dire and Trial - Bruce Boerst, Esq.

Mediations: Do's and Don'ts - John Alton, Esq.

Tailoring Demand Packages: Maximizing the Value of Your Client’s Case - Rhys Richards Esq.

Client Trust Accounts 2018 - Susan Choe, Deputy Director & General Counsel at Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Basics:  What and Who You Need to Know! - Matthew Copp, Esq.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Police Liability Claims - Adam  Gerhardstein, Esq.


Mass Torts         

Hernia Mesh Litigation Update - Jacob Gebelle, Esq., Vandalia, OH

Local Governments as Plaintiffs, Solving the Opioid Epidemic - James Young, Esq., Jacksonville, FL

The Story of C8 Litigation - Robert Bilott, Esq., Cincinnati, OH

Panel Discussion: Current Trends in Mass Torts - Richard  Schulte, Esq., Robert Bilott, Esq., James Young, Esq., Frank Guerra, Esq.


Professional Conduct                    

Case Law Update - Charles Kettlewell, Esq., Columbus, OH

Featherbrained and Flighty:  Frivolous Conduct Subterfuge in Litigation - Diana Anelli, Esq., Columbus, OH

Summaries of Board Advisory Opinions - William Mann, Esq., Powell, OH


Medical Malpractice                                                                                                      

Social Media in the Courtroom: the Effects on Jury Selection and Jury Verdicts

Steven Crandall, Esq..

Using Psychodrama to Disarm the Defense Expert - Curtis  Fifner Esq.,

How to be a Whiz at Urology Malpractice and The Ins and Outs of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program  - Stephen O'Keefe Esq.


Trucking Safety Litigation           

Interactive Trial Demonstration

Scott Smith, Esq.

Andrew Young, Esq.

Rena Leizerman, Esq.

Michael Leizerman, Esq.


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