2017 Annual Convention - Thursday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Thursday May 4th

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.


Cutting Edge Techniques I - David Ball, Ph.D.,

New Trends in Civil Litigation
Becoming a Fearless Cross-Examiner - Patrick Malone, Esq.
Cutting Edge Techniques II - David Ball, Ph.D.
Proving Corporate Liability - Lisa Circeo, Esq.
Excessive Police Force Against the Emotionally Impaired - Antonio Romanucci, Esq.
Security Guard Misconduct: Attacking Companies who Hide Behind Contract Guards - Jordan Lebovitz, Esq.
Law Firm Liability and Compliance with HIPAA - Stephen Bittinger, Esq.

Employment Law
Federal and State Employment Law Update - Daniel Petrov, Esq.
Strengthening Your Case with Public Records: Useful Tactics for Making the Most of Ohio’s Sunshine Laws - Ashlie Case Sletvold, Esq.

Family Law
QDRO Best Practices: Addressing Critical Issues Prior to Final Hearing - Benjamin Nyhan, Esq.
Advanced Issues in Spousal Support - Nicholas Yaeger, Esq.
Family Law Case and Legislative Update - Chris Trolinger, Esq.

Professional Conduct
Important Things to Know About Ohio’s Legal Ethics SystemRichard Dove, Director of Board of Professional Conduct, Supreme Court of Ohio
Legal Ethics: A View From the Bench - Judge Jennifer Brunner
Alcohol & Substance Abuse Education for Lawyers - William Mann, Esq.
Legal Ethics Update - William Mann, Esq.

New Lawyers Training
Cutting Edge Techniques I - David Ball, Ph.D.
Pre-Suit Damage Work Up and Negotiations - Jami Oliver, Esq.
Preparing for Your 1st Trial: Calm Down & Don’t Wet Your Pants - Jay Vaughn, Esq.
Bifurcation/Trifurcation - Bobby Rutter, Esq.,
Law Office Management - Kurt Young, Esq.
Worker's Compensation 101 - Kurt Young, Esq.
Practical Tips and Tricks from the Mediators - Craig Scott, Esq., Frank Ray, Esq., Rob Erney, Esq.,  & Bob Hanson, Esq.

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