2017 Annual Convention - Friday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Friday May 5th

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.


Litigation at Sunrise
Presented by FindLaw - From Novelty to Necessity: Pragmatic Social Media for Law Firms

Workers' Compensation 
Traumatic Brain Injury, A Neuropsychological Perspective - Dr. DeAnna Frye, Ph.D.
Practicing Rhetoric in the Hearing Room - Martha Schaffer, JD, PhD.
AWW/Tender Years Doctrine and Special Circumstances - Mark Granger, Esq.
Workers' Comp Fraud: Claimant's Perspective - Dennis Evans, Esq.
Aultworks: A Unique Perspective from a POR With an Open Discussion to Follow - Dr. Michael Marvin, MD
Protecting Your Client’s Reputation in an Internet World - Edward Forman, Esq.
Case Law Update - Jon Goodman, Esq.

Trucking Litigation: Hide and Seek Part II: How and Why to Find the Parties and Where to Find the Money
Looking for Truck Maintenance Problems - Andrew Abraham Esq.
Trucking Insurance 101 - Pete Kestner Esq.
Finding the Gems Through the 30(b)6 Deposition of the Trucking Company - Andy Young Esq.
Getting in the Jury Instructions - Rena Leizerman Esq,.

Mass Torts
Mass Torts in State Court - Joseph Lyon Esq.
Case Screening: The Importance of Criteria - Calvin Tregre Esq,
Pitfalls to Avoid in Handling Mass Tort Litigation - David Zoll Esq.
Identifying and Handling Mass Tort Cases for the Single Event Firm - Dustin Herman Esq.
Mass Tort Updates: Current and Emerging Cases - Richard Schulte Esq.

Medical Malpractice
Chiropractic-Induced Vertebral Artery Dissection and Stroke, a Verdict Analysis - Kenneth McKenna, Esq.
180 Day Letters - A Godsend or a Trap for the Unwary (Lawyer, that is) - Rubin Guttman, Esq.
The Four Year Statute of Repose Analysis, Application and Updates - Eleana Drakatos, Esq.
The Apology Statute Analysis and Updates - Michael Shroge, Esq.

Professional Conduct
Important Things to Know About Ohio’s Legal Ethics SystemRichard Dove, Director of Board of Professional Conduct, Supreme Court of Ohio
Legal Ethics: A View From the Bench - Judge Jennifer Brunner
Alcohol & Substance Abuse Education for Lawyers - William Mann, Esq.
Legal Ethics Update - William Mann, Esq.

New Lawyers Training
Prepping Witnesses and Taking Depositions  - Bruce Boerst, Esq.
Current Issues and Trends in 1983 Actions - Sean Walton, Esq.
Tackling Brief Research and Writing: A Step by Step Approach - Margaret Murray, Esq.
ERISA Claims Process and Litigation Fundamentals - Robert Perez, Esq.
The Bad Faith and Personal Counsel “Clubs” in Third-Party Cases - Peter Traska, Esq.
Supporting Your Mobile Law Office - Apps, Tools, Tricks for Practicing Law on the Go- Philip Leppla, Esq.
Beyond the MPRE: Common Ethics Pitfalls for Personal Injury Lawyers - Rick Stege, Esq.
Client Fund Management - Susan Choe, Deputy Director and General Counsel

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