2016 Annual Convention - Thursday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Thursday May 5th

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.
Printed books can be purchased for $100 at registration.


Plenary Session with Rick Friedman - The Last Resistance: Plaintiff Lawyers in the 21st Century

New Trends in Civil Litigation *NEW MATERIALS
Revisiting Cross-Examination - Rick Friedman, Esq.
Obtaining True Justice for the Catastrophically Injured - Brian Panish, Esq.
Internet Defamation and Related Torts - Whitney Gibson, Esq. & Colleen Devanney, Esq.
Looking Inside Your Own Mind - Mark Kitrick, Esq.
Winning Your Case In Voir Dire - Ven Johnson, Esq.
Protecting Your Client's Coverage Benefits: Ideas on Handling Med-Pay - Bob Wagoner, Esq.

Employment Law
What are You Missing? Spotting FMLA and Disability Discrimination Issues in Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Cases - Hans Nilges, Esq.
Decision-Making Skills in Employment Cases - Daniel Petrov, Esq.

Professional Conduct *NEW MATERIALS
Legal Ethics: Exploring the Many Shades of Gray -  Alison De Villiers, Esq.
Friending for Evidence - John Sauter, Esq.
Ethics And Professionalism You Can Really Use - Dan Mordarski, Esq.

Family Law
Electronic Eavesdropping in Domestic Relations Cases - Brad Frick, Esq.
Custody and Divorces Involving Children or Parties with Special Needs - Tabitha Woodruff, Esq.
The Implications of Same Sex Marriage Cases on Family Law Practices - Leeann Massucci, Esq.
Family Law Case Law Update - Chris Trolinger, Esq.

New Lawyers Training * NEW MATERIALS
Taking Depositions in a Medical Malpractice Case - Pamela Pantages, Esq.
Intro to Cross Examination - Eric Kennedy, Esq.
Intro to Securing Evidence and Trial Prep - Don Moore, Esq.
Intro to Civil Rights and 1983 Cases - Michael Hill, Esq.
Intro to Workers' Compensation - Troy Duffy, Esq.
Intro to Social Security Disability Cases - Shannon Bateson, Esq.

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