2015 Annual Convention - Thursday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Thursday May 7th

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.
Printed books can be purchased for $100 at registration.


Plenary Session

Forget Everything You Learned in Law School about Depositions - Mike Papantonio, Esq., Pensacola, FL

New Trends in Civil Litigation

Judo Law – How to Win a Trial - Gary Johnson, Esq., Pikeville, KY

Putting the Focus on Focus Groups: Maximizing Verdicts and Settlements through Preparation - Ellen McCarthy, Esq., Cleveland, OH

Pushing the Defense Past Their Limits - Sach Oliver, Esq., Rogers, AR

Ponzi Scheme Loss Recovery: Ohio’s Statutory Aiding and Abetting - David Meyer, Esq., Columbus, OH

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Storytelling in Settlements - James Bordas, Esq., Wheeling, WV & Geoffrey Brown, Esq., Wheeling, WV

De-MIST-ifying Low Velocity Collision Injuries - Arhur Croft, San Diego, CA

New Lawyers Training

The Nuts and Bolts of Paper Discovery and Discovery Disputes - John Marshall, Esq., Columbus, OH

An Introduction to Insurance Law and Subrogation - Mark Willis, Esq., Akron, OH

An Introduction to Probate Law - Michael Bonasera, Esq., Columbus, OH

Solo Practice: Building Your Name, Your Practice, and Your Network - Bob Wagoner, Esq., Columbus, OH

New Technology for New Lawyers: Building the Paperless Office - Drew Baker, Esq., Columbus, OH

How to Gain Exposure for Your Firm in a Crowded Marketplace - Brian Dennie, FINDLAW, Columbus, OH

Professional Conduct

Substance Abuse - Judge John Connor, Esq., Columbus, OH

The Ethics of Online Attorney Advertising, Blogging and Social Media - John Sauter, Esq., Columbus, OH

Ohio Legal Ethics: Recent Developments - Bill Mann, Esq., Powell, OH

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