2014 Annual Convention - Friday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Friday May 9th

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.
Printed books can be purchased for $100 at registration.


Litigation at Sunrise:

Integrated Marketing for Attorneys - FindLaw General Manager Michael Mathias

Professionalism in Workers? Compensation - Grace Szubski, Esq., Cleveland, OH; Barbara Knapic, Esq., N. Canton, OH; Michael Latas, Esq., Columbus, OH
Understanding the Medication Reimbursement Program with the BWC - Dr. Joshua Goldner, MD, Cleveland, OH
Occupational Exposure Claims: What are They and How Do They Work? - Clara Sue Ross, MD, JD, Mason, OH
Breakout Sessions (20 minute rotations):
Dealing with the Armstrong Issue - Ron Bella, Esq., Cincinnati, OH
How to Handle the Rebuttable Presumption on Drug Cases - Sarah Grinder, Esq., Akron, OH
HB 517: The Right to Choose your Doctor is Under Attack Again - Karen Turano, Esq., Columbus, OH
Growing Your Workers? Compensation Practice in a Touch Climate - Steve Kalniz, Esq., Toledo, OH
Settlements: When are Indemnity only Settlements a Good Option - Jerry Schneiberg, Esq., Cleveland, OH
Permanent Total Disability - Joe Moro, Esq., Youngstown, OH

             COBRA Violation Cases - Sonia Walker, Esq., Columbus, OH

Case Law Update - Jon Goodman, Esq., Worthington, OH

New Lawyers Training

Becoming a Big Fan: Maximizing Mediation - Sean Harris, Esq., Columbus, OH
Solo Practice: Building Your Name, Your Practice, and Your Network -Bob Wagoner, Esq., Columbus, OH

Don't Take No for an Answer - The Denial of Coverage Dilemma - Bobby Rutter, Esq., Cleveland, OH
The Defense Perspective: The Most Significant Mistakes Defense Counsel Has Seen - Christine Santoni, Esq., Cleveland, OH
Client Fund Management - Angela Lloyd, Esq., Columbus, OH
Professionalism: The Pillar of Your Practice - Corey Artim, Esq., Dayton, OH

The New Lawyer Balancing Act ? Work Life and Home Life - Trent Stechschulte, Esq., Columbus, OH

Investigating the Trucking Case Beyond the Police Report - John Reagan, Esq., Akron, OH
Helping and Being Helped by the Accident Reconstruction Expert - Hank Lipian, Accident Reconstructionist
ADA: Another Layer of Defense in the Sudden Emergency & Negligent Retention Cases - David Paris, Esq., Cleveland, OH
How to Litigate a Truck Accident Case - Steve Gursten, Esq., Farmington Hills, MI


Medical Malpractice: Where the Medical and Legal Systems Interface - Dr. Carole Miller, MD, Columbus, OH
Testing Testing 123 ? What You Need to Know about Diagnostic Tests - Brian Eisen, Esq., Cleveland, OH
Medication errors: A Nurse Expert?s Perspective - Diane Sheets, RN, Columbus, OH

Should You Sue Your Subrogated Carrier? - Brian Wilson, Esq., Canton, OH
Subro Arguments that Still Work - Dan Michel, Esq., Defiance, OH
BWC Statutory Subrogation, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Chris Patno, Esq., Cleveland, OH

Resolving and Litigating Subrogation Claims from the Plan?s Perspective - Denise Motta, Esq., La Grange, KY

Professional Conduct - Charles Kettlewell, Esq., Columbus, OH
Ethics - Bill Mann, Esq., Columbus, OH
Substance Abuse - Jackie Doodley, Ohio Department of Mental Health, Columbus, OH

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) and SMART Act Update: Practical Effects on Your Practice - John Cattie, Esq., Cincinnati, OH
Healthcare Lien Resolution Today: Protecting Your Clients, Guaranteeing Compliance, and Increasing Firm Efficiencies - Dan Docherty, Esq., Cincinnati, OH

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