Navigating through Statutes, Insurance Policies, and Regulations

January 29, 2015 - Cincinnati

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Navigating Ohio BWC Subrogation: A Practical Way to Make Sure Your Clients get Their Fair Share from a Third Party Tortfeasor when BWC Pays the Bills and Wage Loss
   Eleana Drakatos, Esq., Columbus, OH

When a Commercial Insurance Policy Excludes Coverage to “Employees,” Who Does that Exclusion Apply to? 
   Sean Harris, Esq., Columbus, OH

Immunity: The New Front of Tort “Reform”
   John Holschuh, Esq., Cincinnati, OH

The Ins-and-Outs of a Property Damage Claim
   Bobby Rutter, Esq., Cleveland, OH

How to Reduce or Eliminate ERISA and Non ERISA Liens
   Matt Nakajima, Esq., Covington, KY

Subrogation and Rule 1.15(d) and (e): Balancing Your Clients’ Rights and Responsibilities
   Margaret Murray, Esq., Sandusky, OH

Maximizing Recovery in Ohio and Kentucky
   Robert Lewis, Esq., Covington, KY

Insurance Law Update" Legislative, Statutory and Case Law Update for the Plaintiff's Practitioner
   Dan Michel, Esq., Defiance, OH

The Dreyfuss Syndrome
   Barb Strady, Esq., Cincinnati, OH

The Dreyfuss Syndrome II
   Jami Oliver, Esq., Columbus, OH
   **Additional materials, documents, and supplemental attachments will be provided on disc at the seminar.


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