2012 Annual Convention - Thursday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Thursday May 3rd

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.
Printed books can be purchased for $50 at registration.


Plenary Session with Patrick Malone

New Trends in Civil Litigation

The Many Faces of Fracking - An Attorney’s Guide to Protecting Consumers in the Age of Hydro Fracking in the Marcellus Play - Todd O'Malley, Esq.
Representing Professional Athletes with Brain Injuries - Mike Galpern, Esq.
How to Practice Under the New Ohio Consumer Law - Amy Wells. Esq.
New Trends in Visual Persuasion - Howard Nations, Esq.
Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation - Rick Schulte, Esq. & Stuart Scott, Esq.
Speeding Up the Smaller Case - Andy Cecil, Esq.

Labor & Employment

Case Law Update - Richard Selby II, Esq.
Iqbal/Twombly Review - Jami Oliver, Esq.
Discovery of Social Media and Email Service Providers - Matthew Besser, Esq.

New Lawyers Training Day 1

Plenary Session with Patrick Malone
Practical P.I. 101: First Call to Trial Prep - Don Moore, Esq.
Preserve, Protect & Pursue: How to Make a Solid Record For Appeal - Bob Wagoner, Esq.
The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Paper Discovery - John Marshall, Esq. & Ed. Forman, Esq.
Anatomy of a Discovery Dispute - John Marshall, Esq.; Ed Forman, Esq. & Kate Stone, Esq.
Expert Opinions: When You Need Them and How You Get Them - Bill Posey, Esq. & Jeff Sefton, Esq.

Professionalism, Ethics, and Substance Abuse

Professionalism - Russ Smith, Esq.
Ethics - Jennifer Branch, Esq.
Substance Abuse - Megan Snyder -
Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program


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