2012 Annual Convention - Friday Materials

Please follow the below links to download the materials for the convention seminars on Friday May 4th

Materials will be provided on disc at registration.
Printing on site is not available.
Printed books can be purchased for $50 at registration.


Litigation at Sunrise

Business of Law: Strategies for 2012
-Chris Mastriano
-Shelley Johnson
-Brian Dennie
-Michael Brown

New Lawyers Traning Day 2

Not Your Ordinary Episode of "Law & Order": The Nuts & Bolts of Trying a Case and Presenting Witnesses and Arguments - Beckie Castell, Esq.,
Nailing it Down: The Lawyer’s Guide to Hanging Out Your Shingle - Jami Oliver, Esq.
Becoming a Big Fan of Luck: Maximizing Mediation - Jacqueline Hagerott, Esq.;  Eileen Puett, Esq. & Sean Harris, Esq.
Professionalism: It’s Not Just a Word -- It’s a Requirement - Kristina Frost, Esq.; Mag. David Jump, Franklin Cty Muni. Court; Judge Gregory L. Frost, U.S. Dist. Ct. for the S Dt of Ohio
How Will it Read as a Transcript? Prepping Witnesses and Taking Depostions - Kate Stone, Esq. & Al Gerhardstein, Esq.
Caught on Tape: Fact and Expert Deposition Strategy and the Use of Video - Al Gerhardstein, Esq.
Don’t Show Me the Money: Client Trust Accounts and Keeping Your Law License - Angela Lloyd, Esq.

Workers' Compensation

Case Law Update - Jon Goodman, Esq.
Hot Issues Facing Workers' Compensation Practitioners - Philip Fulton, Esq.
Ethical Issues Facing Workers' Compensation Practitioners -
Joseph Caligiuri, Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Industrial Commission Update - Thomas Connor, Esq.
Understanding the Official Disability Guidelines - Dr. Ronald Farabaugh
Identifying and Filing a VSSR Claim - Matthew Finnegan, Esq.
Filing a 4123.512 Workers' Compensation Appeal - William McDonald, Esq.
A Paradigm Shift from Personal Injury to Business Torts - Gary Corroto, Esq. & Phil Ciano, Esq.
The Commercial Docket & Business Litigation Q&A - Phil Ciano, Esq. & Michael Schmeltzer, Esq.
Stockbrocker Malpractice - David Meyer, Esq.
Insurance Coverage in Business Cases - Nicholas DiCello, Esq.
Injunctions - James McHugh, Esq.
Use of Focus Groups - Rick Topper, Esq.
Wuerth and Its Implications - Steve Keefe, Esq.
Looping in Opening Statements - Greg Gibson, Esq.


New Technology

Not Just a Toy: iPads and Other Tech for Lawyers - Tad Thomas, Esq.

Trucking Litigation

Injury Claims Based On Faulty Cargo Loading And Securement - Mark Napier, Esq.
Truck Accidents Caused By Regulatory Safety Violations - Andrew Young, Esq.
Finding All The Insurance Coverage And Defendants - Michael Leizerman, Esq.
Demonstration Of A Semi-Truck Air Brake System - Bob Reed, Trucking Expert

Professionalism, Ethics, and Substance Abuse

Professionalism - Russ Smith, Esq.
Ethics - Jennifer Branch, Esq.
Substance Abuse - Megan Snyder -
Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program

Healthcare Lien Resolution

2012 Healthcare Lien Resolution Update - Tate Johnson, Esq.
Medicare Set-Asides: Latest Guidance - John Cattie, Esq.
Current Trends for MSA Funding and Settlements - Michael Goodman, National Settlement Consultants




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